As your planner I can help you to make valuable connections, give you resources and ideas that will help us take your wedding or event to the next level. I will work with you to find the perfect venue for your needs as well as nailing in the details often missed. 

I can style your event with creativity, originality, talent and class. My attention to detail and spatial planning help you make the most out of your location. We will create for your guests an occasion to remember. 

As your coordinator, I will make them remember it for only the good reasons. From the moment your venue opens their doors to the minute they lock, I will be there ensuring it goes according to plan. Staying on schedule and attending to the needs of all involved. My ability to think on my toes and problem solve allows for you to have confidence in the success of your event. 

I have been known to sew girls into their bridesmaids dresses after a wardrobe malfunction, help with your flower girl's very important boy drama and dancing in the rain because some problems and flaws you can't solve - you just have to learn to embrace. 

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